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Dreams etc.

Posted on December 22, 2015 at 12:10 AM

Earlier in this blog, I posted some things about the dreams that I have had in relation to one of my own past lives, as a young girl from India. Lately, I have had more dreams in relation to this life. In one dream, a male character was speaking the same words over and over again. Upon awakening, I had no clue what these words meant (not of the English language), so I had to research them for their meanings. The words he kept speaking ("Mani Malla boon") were a warning, I believe, and are perhaps telling of the last war - Armageddon - whatever you want to call it, where "Good versus Evil." Many bad forces coming into play, and we all need to be prepared. No matter which religion or spirituality you practice (or don't practice), this is something we have all thought about - "The End of the World" as we know it.

Another dream I had recently was a very very good dream for me, personally. I was levitating, willingly, higher and higher, and a good friend of mine was with me. She was excited for me, saying "You did it! You did it!" Another medium was also nearby, and he was smiling at me, knowing what an accomplishment this is, spiritually. Indian Yogis often work towards this level of "enlightenment," where they can levitate, higher and higher, through practice similar to Yoga. I had previously had dreams of flying, etc, but none as vivd and seemingly real as this one, where I woke up feeling that I was actually lifted off of my bed!

***If you would like to know more about YOUR dreams, and what they mean or can signify or predict, my Dream Interpretation package is perfect, and is very affordable. Dreams reveal much more than we often realize; there is the spiritual interpretations, the psychological interpretations, and sometimes, yes, they are meaningless ways for our brains to "power down." My reports are always thorough; I take into consideration all of these various possibilities, and use my intuitions to decipher their true meaning. 

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