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Love of Contemporary Acceptance

Posted on April 15, 2016 at 12:35 AM

Living life as a psychic & medium is and always will be a learning experience. I learn more about myself and my own abilities from every reading that I do, whether it is a spirit channeling, "cold" clairvoyant reading, or a Tarot spread.

Over the years, several people have asked me "How do you know that?" "How do you do that?" I can't really explain it - I just DO IT. It's a natural part of who I am. Just as some people are naturally good at basketball, or playing piano, or doing mathematics, I am naturally good at being a psychic medium and healer. As with any other talent, I have to practice, and am learning new things all the time - every day. This is one of the reasons that I offer the free readings every month: To keep my skills sharp. I also like to help others.

I love what I do! I am so blessed that my abilities are finally more accepted within the mainstream... For so long I kept most of it to myself, sharing my abilities with only close friends and family. It felt very cathartic to "come out" as a psychic medium a few years ago, and to publish this website and have a FaceBook page. The more advertising I get, the more readings I do. The more readings I do, the more I learn, and the more validation I get for what I do. Every psychic likes validation, let me tell you!

It's fantastic to see so many careers available to us now, such as psychic detectives, medical intuitives, mediums, intuitive consultants, remote viewers, ghost whsiperers, psychic knowers, and many more. Did you know that many large companies hire psychics for various reasons? Truth! It's a useful skill that deserves a place in society, and it is finally happening! We (psychic mediums) need no longer feel "weird" or strange or out-of-place. We have a role now, and are grateful to be able to do a job that we love, a job that helps others, and a job that we were meant to do.

So, thank you. Thank you for accepting us, accepting me, and believing.

"All the great spiritual masters - Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed - became great because of their revolutionary teachings and beliefs. It is good to question all, for the truth endures scrutiny very well."

~ Sonia Choquette

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