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Tarot & psychic readings, life path guru, energy healing, gemstone jewelry

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Psychic Investigation


This listing is for PSYCHIC INVESTIGATION per half hour. This can be done either via email, Skype, telephone, or in person.

Is someone or something LOST? Whether it is a missing person's case, or you have simply misplaced something valuable to you (jewelry, etc), I CAN HELP. For centuries, psychics all over the world have been working with families to find missing people and valuables, especially when the police or law enforcement seem to hit a brick wall. Let me help you. If need be, I will get together a TEAM or psychics to help you (no extra charge.)


I will need photos or descriptions pertaining to the person or object missing. If it is a missing person, I request an object that they have touched or worn (either a photo or in person.)

If you are within 50 miles of me, or if we can come to some agreement about travel reimbursement, I am more than willing to come to your home, which I prefer. This way I get the most relevant energies around you and at your residence. These readings tend to be the most accurate and specific.

However, I have been very successful at telephone readings, as well as readings which I type into a report and send via email. The telephone reading is for approximately 30 minutes. The email report is roughly one page of information, plus a few (2) subsequent emails for follow-up questions.

*An added BONUS with the email option is that I can contact you in the near future if any more messages are to be conveyed. I do not do this with telephone or live in- person readings.*

In-person, by phone, email, or Skype?

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