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Tarot & psychic readings, life path guru, energy healing, gemstone jewelry

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This service is an in-depth Tarot & Oracle card reading focused on romantic LOVE. 

I use three decks for this reading: The Enchanted Tarot, Amira's Love Oracle, and Whispers of Love Oracle. I also use my Astrology/Zodiac dice, to get relevant signs for you. This could be the Sun signs of you and your love, or it could give you a time-frame. I am also using a 1-12 numbered die to give you a specific number that is relevant. This could be the month, day, year, etc.

I will shuffle and draw 7 Enchanted cards, 3 Amira's cards, and 3 Whispers cards.

I also focus psychically and devulge any more information that comes in about the current and future outlooks.

This LOVE reading can answer some of these questions:

Where is your current relationship headed? Is this person "the one"? When will you meet your soul mate, twin flame, or next beneficial romantic partner? What is he or she like? How or where will you meet? Is your current "crush" going to be part of your future? Will love or IS love currently reciprocated? Will you ever find love again? Will your ex come back to you? Who should you choose? What or who should you avoid? Who is being dishonest or unfaithful? Will this relationship cause friction in your life?

Generally I like to see what the cards bring, so I don't require any specific questions for this reading. However, if you DO have a specific question you need answered, please add that in the OPTIONS field or message me after purchase (you can also email me at [email protected] - All readings are sent from this personal email address, and are confidential).

Thanks so much!

Want a FREE LOVE READING??? Check out some of my YouTube video readings! Many are timeless and free for YOU! Here is a link to my channel: 0KM04Zz2PKS7ug

Namaste ~~~


Please add one specific question, if desired.

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