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Hello My Friends!

May I introduce to you my oracle cards deck entitled :


"Colors are an important part of our world. They have great impact on our emotions & actions, and are used in many different modalities of therapy, self-discovery, and healing. Colour Goddess Casting Cards can help to guide, inspire, and awaken creativity & intuition. Unlike any other deck, this set features 47 unique and lovely cards, each with it's own color, goddess, flower, and crystal, as well as relevant symbols, images, and key words. The enclosed booklet includes instructions and different types of spreads, as well as in-depth meanings of each card. Most importantly, use your own intuition, have fun, and discover how colors can aid & inspire you on your soul's journey."

This deck was created by me (Renee' A Burch) and consists of 47 full-color & high quality cards, a 108-page booklet, and hard lidded box. The cards and booklet are 82mm x 126mm - a great size for shuffling! Not too small and not too large. The cards will also have rounded edges, better for long-term use as they’ll show less wear & tear. 

***Please note that there is a limited number of decks available

For this deck I have incorporated my love for color, art, intuition, The Goddess, astrology, the Chakras, and symbolism. There are many ways to utilize this deck, and I've created several tutorial videos via my YouTube channel, CrownLotus. You can find my channel here: S7ug

This isn't  your typical oracle card deck - it can be so much more! Add a little imagination and fun, and it can be a great daily tool to help one navigate through this lifetime.

For this purchase there is free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

If you live outside of the USA and are interested in this deck, please contact me! We can work something out!

Thank you SO MUCH for your support! Many of you have been with me for many years, and I appreciate you. Namaste +

Sending out lots of love and happy, healing vibes ~~~~~~ 6;~

xoxo Renee'

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